Social Security

Did you know?

There are 567 ways to claim your benefits.1

Why Do So Many People Get It Wrong?

Well, it may have something to do with the fact that there are so many rules to help you understand the numerous ways to claim your benefits.

Know Your Options

We want to help your make the most of your Social Security benefit.

How Can You Maximize Your Social Security For Retirement

If you downloaded your COMPLIMENTARY COPY, you now have one of the most important tools you will need to be able to maximize your Social Security benefits. It is critical you learn these facts, so that you understand how important it is to the decision you will make about applying for Social Security.

Two common misconceptions about Social Security

  1. Social Security is simply a matter of “signing up for it;” there are not many decisions that have to be made.
    Claiming Social Security benefits and considering all factors can make a huge difference to your standard of living.
    If you don’t consider all factors in your decision, it could affect your income for the rest of your life— costing you as much as $250,000 over your lifetime.1
  2. The Social Security administration is well equipped to help you with the sign-up process. There are ZERO employees at the Social Security office to advise you on the best strategy. At Perry’s Retirement & Insurance Services, we use your Social Security’s Earning Statement to create a Social Security Maximization Report designed especially for you.
    This report uses your specific information and your spouse’s, if married, based on exactly what you have paid in to Social Security. From there, it calculates how to maximize your Social Security benefits.
    Our job is to help you devise a Social Security strategy that takes your unique circumstances into account and, in combination with your other resources (savings, investments, pension, etc.), will give you the best possible retirement outcome.
    Perry’s Retirement & Insurance Services is not affiliated with, or endorsed by, the Social Security Administration or any other government agency and does not provide legal or tax advice. Information is being provided for education purposes, as only the SSA can determine your eligibility or continuing eligibility for benefits, and your ability to manage any benefits received. Failing to provide the SSA with accurate and timely information for your particular claim could result in denial or loss of Social Security payment.

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