Our Process

Did you know?

INCOME is the OUTCOME that matters.

Take the Stress Out of Retirement

We offer an array of tools and services to help the retirement process easier for you.

Putting Your Income Plan Into Action

We work with you over a series of three to four meetings to design and implement your income plan.

Our income planning process follows these steps:

process bargraph: Develop - Discover - Design - Action - Monitor

How We Do It


Our first meeting is about understanding who you are as a couple or individual, what is important to you and what are your goals and dreams. What would you like to accomplish? What are your concerns? Developing a relationship with our clients is first and foremost.


We work with you to create a custom, personalized income plan designed to help meet your family’s goals.


We will begin the process in creating your income plan with your goals and dreams in mind.


Once you are satisfied with the income plan that we have designed to meet your specific goals, we then put your income plan into action.


We monitor your income plan on an ongoing basis, making adjustments as necessary. We will meet with you annually or as often as necessary to discuss the progress of your retirement plan and any changes that may be needed.